WordPress Fancy Site Title Plugin

Saw the site title? saw the post title above? expected to see in this content too? Well That’s also possible.

Seems good? want it in your WordPress site? Adding it is as easy as drinking water. (like beer than water? doesn’t matter ;-) )

Not using WordPress for your site? Don’t worry. Still there’s option for you, Check this link

Just download the plugin from this link, upload and activate it. There are some options in settings, check those.

But didn’t saw any option to add animation in post title or post content? well the very purpose of this post is telling you that. Adding it in post/page title/content is very easy and fun.

Note: I’ve added an extra ‘X’ after the word fancy So that it doesn’t do anything unexpected here. Ignore this ‘X’ when you use it.

while writing the post, if you just add [fancyX] or [fancyX it=title] at the end of the post, the post title will start animating, just like this post. To add it for your content(i.e. main post), you need to write [fancyX it=post], And you’re done!

You can, however, add some option:

normally it’ll run for one time, if you want to run it again and again add loop=true  with that. That is, the short code now becomes [Xfancy it=title loop=true]. You can also decide the speed of running, to do this add like this speed=150. So final code becomes [fancyX it=title loop=true speed=150]
. Default speed is 120. this is in miliseconds.

This should work in all standard themes. If it doesn’t work for your theme, there’re still some advanced options for you.

Advanced Options:

If you know the css class name (as in

so the class name is ‘myclassname’) id or tag (as in , here the tag is ‘a’). Doing this for a ‘id’ is easy since there’s only one id in a document. However, for ‘class’ and ‘tag’ you need to add one extra parameter.

For id: if the css id is ‘myid’, you need to add [fancyX id=myid]
For tag: if the css tag is ‘a’ you need to add [fancyX id=a pos=3]
here ‘pos’ is the position of that specific tag, So 3 for third ‘a’ tag in the html document
For class: if the css class is ‘myclass’ you need to add [fancyX class=myclass pos=3]

Note: if you don’t add ‘pos’, if will be applied on the first tag/class
You can also add speed and loop parameter for these too.

I said, “Well That’s also possible”. Believe now? ;-)

If still you need to ask something regarding this plugin, you can leave a comment here.

Hope you enjoyed this plugin :)

[fancy loop=true]

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