Total Facebook Plugin For WordPress

facebook is gradually owning a tiny space in each and every website. If you want to implement facebook comment for your posts or just want to add a like and a share button on your post/pages this plugin is a powerful solution for you. you can decide in which post/page you insert comment/like/share. There’s a option box under the main post editor, you’ll find several options there. Moreover, you have options to implement those in all posts overwriting individual settings in admin panel.

In this post, I’m going to discuss about the settings of this plugin.

Setting up Facebook App:
If you want to impelement facebook comment/like/share, you are going to need a facebook application. You’ll get an App ID that you should use in plugin settings in your wordpress control panel…

Follow the following step by step guide to set up a facebook application.

  1. Firstly go to (assuming you’re already logged into facebook)
  2. You’ll see the following page..

    Click on ‘Goto App’..

  3. A new page will apear.. Click on ‘Create New App’
  4. On the next page you’ve to give your app a name. Fill up the app name box. this name will show up when people share a post in facebook, like ‘via Example App’. For ‘App namespace’ & ‘Web hosting’ box, you won’t need these for this plugin. So, you can just ignore them.
  5. You might have to fight a captcha challenge.
  6. After that you’ll see another page, look at the upper portion of the page

    Note down the ‘App ID’
  7. At the lower portion, there’re several options/input boxes. You can simply ignore all of them expect the one with the name ‘Website’. Click on it. you’ll see a box. Write your site address (i.e. main domain)

    Click on ‘Save Changes’

However, if you want to disable wordpress’s default comment system (and want to use facebook comment) you can use another very powerful comment disabler plugin:
Comment Disable Master,

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