Servlet mapping for web root

Suppose, you don’t want to put an index.jsp file in the web root and give access to that directly when people go to “”, rather you want to have a HomeController (or whatever) Servlet which will handle the request that comes to the web root. And here comes the problem, there’s no url-pattern for that particular servlet-mapping. @WebServlet(“”) or @WebServlet(“/”) doesn’t work here.

I solved the problem using tuckey url re-writer. I mapped the HomeController to ‘/home’ i.e. @WebServlet(“/home”) and
then re-writing url $^ to /home.
File: urlrewrite.xml:


That worked fine but didn’t satisfy me. One day suddenly a trick came to my mind. I tested it and it worked like a charm! Here’s what I did:

File: web.xml:


Basically it works this way: requests to the root i.e. url with no filename specified, comes to index.jsp since index.jsp is in the welcome-file-list. But then there’s a servlet mapping for the url-pattern of ‘/index.jsp’. And so the request is passed to that servlet. pretty simple, right?

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