Bring back old Bangla font in Safari OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple changed the default Bangla font to Kohinoor Bangla on El Capitan. However, you can bring back the old font (BanglaSangamMN) in Safari very easily. Click Here to download the necessary files. Put user-style.css along with other files in a folder. Then open Safari & go to Preferences > Advanced. Now click on the dropdown […]

Scrubs! What a show!

It’s really hard to find a decent TV show after you’ve watched over 50 shows, trust me. Most of the shows you choose will seem boring at some point. I never thought I’d find a show for which I have to make a room in the top 3. Scrubs did it! Scrubs is the show […]

var_dump for python

var_dump is a PHP’s var_dump() equivalent function for python. It displays structured information such as type, value etc of a python object, list, tuple, dict & other types. Installation using pip Or clone the project & cd into the `python-var_dump` directory then run: Examples Example #1: Example #2: you can pass more than one argument: […]

List of Possible Ligatures in Bangla

While writing a Unicode Parser in Java for English to Bangla Transliteration I needed to make a list that contains all possible ligatures in Bangla. It was needed to automate the conversion of ligatures. To make sure I’ve at least covered the most used ligatures here, I read Bankim’s ‘বঙ্কিম রচনাবলী’, searched the internet and […]